Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What will the weather be like?

The average temperature in Santa Barbara on this weekend historically has been 74 degrees. The temperature can drop by almost 10 degrees once the sun sets. 

2. What should wear?

Layers, layers, layers! Santa Barbara's temperature can fluctuate based on wind and where the sun is. It is best to pack outfits with layers so you can adjust accordingly. Below you will find general attire guidelines for each event:

1. Wedding - Semi-formal/cocktail attire; women bring light jackets for evening

2. Beach Party - Anything from bikinis & board shorts to light weight clothing. Flip flops encouraged, sunglasses and/or a hat are a must!

3. Sunset Cruise - Anything goes! Keep in mind that what you wear on the boat will be what you wear to the dinner party later. It can cool off on the water, so we recommend you bring a sweater. The boat will have indoor and outdoor space.

4. Private Dinner - Anything goes! There is an outdoor patio if you heat up and lots of places to sit and kick your feet up if you aren't tearing up the dance floor all night long.

5. Hike - Athletic wear, sunglasses or a hat and tennis shoes or hiking shoes recommended. If you have a lightweight zip, it couldn't hurt to bring that.

3. Anything special I should pack?

Besides clothing selections for the above, the other suggested items to include in your packing list are:


1. Sunscreen

2. Hat/sunglasses

3. Dramamine (if you are attending the sunset sail and worry about seasickness)

4. Golf Clubs (there are a number of amazing courses nearby)


Most hotels will provide beach towels, umbrellas and even bikes, but contact your hotel ahead of time to confirm.


4. Can I purchase a ticket for just the cruise or just the dinner?

In an effort to makes things simple we ask that you commit to both the dinner and the cruise. If there are special circumstances please contact Kelly.